announces the addition of firewall and hoist hook equipped cylinder carts to its product line! Each of these new specialty lines offers important safety capabilities that meet OSHA requirements.

Firewall cylinder carts sold on conform to OSHA specifications for equipment that is used to hold oxygen and fuel combinations. Each dolly includes a tall barrier that separates the cylinders to prevent fire hazard. As documented on the OSHA website "as long as the barrier is at least 5 feet high, meets the 1/2-hour fire resistance rating and is designed to prevent the spread of the fire from one cylinder to another, employers using the product would meet the requirements of 1926.350(a)(10).2". dollies meet and exceed this specification by using Marinite I(tm) one hour rated fire barrier material.

Hoist hook equipped cylinder carts can be moved by crane using the hook attachment. Extensive structural framing on these carts increases their safety when transporting by hoist rig. These carts are a must-buy for any safety manager that has cylinders to move with a hook.

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